Indian Cigar

The Cigar is basically formed by tobacco and it is tightly bounded in role shape the Cigar smoke like Cigarette smoke, both in Cigar and cigarette containing poisonous toxic and harmful chemical.
The smoking of cigar and Cigarette both are having harmful for human lunges but the tobacco congaing in Cigar is much more as compared to Cigarette. The amount of tobacco in cigarette is at least 1gram to 1.5 gram and most of Indian cigarette is take time to 8mitute to 10 minute smoke.
The tobacco containing in Cigar is a very variable range as lies in between 1 gram to 25 gram. The tobacco containing in Cigar is very special type having different as in Cigarette. A very large Cigar to take time for smoke is 1 hours to 2 hours. Some cigar having this type of Cigar is containing tobacco as like in Cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette

The electronic Cigarette is a just new idea about cigarette but it is nor a cigarette it is device for alternative of cigarette have same test as like cigarette people smoke always. The electronic cigarette is battery and a atomizer and cartridge filed with a liquid nicotine solution, when battery switch on the liquid is vaporized and a flame is created as like smoke and then people use as cigarette. Cartridge is a element use in electronic cigarette is as nicotine liquid,
The nicotine is available in market at different strength as
  • High20mg nicotine,
  • Low 15mg nicotine
  • Medium1 mg nicotine, the medium nicotine is also called free nicotine liquid

Cigarette Smoking

Indian Reservation Cigar


Indian Cigarette